How To Install IPTV On Apple TV

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How To Install IPTV On Apple TV

This tutorial teaches you to install IPTV on Apple TV.
There are many options for Apple TV when it comes IPTV apps, such as Smarters Player Lite, Tivimate, iPlayTV, tivimax...
For This tutorial we will be using Smarters Player Lite since it's free, simple and easy to get started with.



1. Open App Store, search for Smarters Player Lite, install and then Open the app.

Watching IPTV on Apple TV

2. Click XC API since it’s easier and the best option to connect with.

Watching IPTV on Apple TV

3.Log in the Application with your subscription details i.e. UsernamePasswordPortal or Server URL. For Playlist name (first field, you can enter anything you want)

login details

4. Click on the list to load metadata. This will prepare the channel list for watching IPTV on your apple TV.

logged in
5. Table of contents is being downloaded from the server, please wait.
pulling data
6. Set a PIN for the app if desired.
pin code
7. Enjoy!.
application dashboard

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