How To Install IPTV on IOS Iphone/Ipad


How To Install IPTV on IOS Iphone/Ipad

This tutorial teaches you to install IPTV on IOS devices, such as Iphones and Ipads. There are several IPTV apps for IOS devices, for this tutorial we will be using Smarters Player Lite, since it's easy and free.

Install an IPTV Player (Smarters Player Lite in this case)


1.Open up AppStore, search for “Smarters Player Lite“, install and then open it.

2.For your comfort, it is always best to use Xtream Codes API login method when entering a streaming line into an IPTV application. It saves you time and make it very easy to enter details.

3.Log in the Application with your subscription details i.e. UsernamePasswordPortal or Server URL. For Playlist name (first field, you can enter anything you want)

4.If the input is correct, following should be displayed. Click on the list and proceed.

5.App is pulling data from the server, be patient. However, it should not take more that a few seconds.

6.Set a parental control PIN if you need to, otherwise hit Skip.

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